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ACAA Addresses Advertising Opportunities



PITTSBURGH, PA (April 11, 2008)- The Allegheny County Airport Authority authorized the expansion of its airport display advertising program at Pittsburgh International Airport ( while also reconfirming its commitment to promoting the region through displays and public art.

The opportunities for advertising are changing with the shift in passenger traffic at Pittsburgh International Airport. As Pittsburgh International Airport becomes an origination and destination airport, the marketing opportunities for advertising are shifting more to the center core of the Airside Terminal, transit level and baggage claim level.

“As more travel begins and ends here, there is renewed interest in exploring revenue opportunities on overhead panels above escalators in high traffic areas such as the airside core and the landside baggage claim area. We are in the process of revising the entire display program with the intent to create new opportunities for advertising which in turn generates new revenue for the Airport Authority,” said Bradley D. Penrod, Executive Director/CEO, Allegheny County Airport Authority. Non-aviation revenue can help reduce the fees charged to the airlines, a means of keeping Pittsburgh International Airport competitive and desirable for airline expansion.

A site under consideration is an overhead panel above escalators where all arriving passengers whose destination is Pittsburgh pass. The Airport Authority is seeking an advertiser who would make this area a distinct Welcome to Pittsburgh promotion where the region’s qualities, beauty and benefits could be displayed. The Authority has approval of all advertising at the airport.

The Airport Authority also announced the expansion of its regional asset display program designed to promote the qualities of western Pennsylvania. “The public is very familiar with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History T. rex exhibit which promotes our leadership in dinosaur discoveries and the Heinz History Center’s Franco Harris/George Washington statues exhibit that promotes our region’s rich history. We have also presented programs with the Pittsburgh Glass Center and currently display two Glass Mosaics on the transit level featuring Old Pittsburgh and New Pittsburgh. We are currently promoting Pittsburgh 250 and hosting the Manchester Craftsmen Guild’s Cera[m!x} exhibit in display cases throughout the airport, in conjunction with the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts,” Penrod added.

Other programs under consideration include Tour of PA bicycle competition, “Recycle Runway” to coincide with the National Recycling Coalition conference later this year, a display with the National Aviary. The Airport Authority is also working with Family Communications to refurbish and enhance the Mister Rogers display.

Additionally, the Airport Authority will be seeking input from the Pittsburgh art community in development of an art in the airport program.

Chief Executive Dan Onorato has indicated that he is pleased that the Airport Authority is committed to promoting public art and intends to invite art advisors to voluntarily consult on development of a future plan for art in the airport. The Airport Authority recently accepted the mission statement of the art committee: To manage an art collection of style, diversity and beauty to be enjoyed by our traveling public and employees which promotes public art and enhances the airport environment.

Companies interested in advertising opportunities at Pittsburgh International Airport should contact JC Decaux at 703-741-0114. Regional asset organizations interested in showcasing the region at Pittsburgh International Airport should contact JoAnn Jenny, Director, Communications, at 412-472-3517

Apr 10, 2008