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ACAA Announces Highlights of 2011


PITTSBURGH (December 16, 2011) – Many projects were completed to improve Pittsburgh International Airport and Allegheny County Airport in 2011, announced the Allegheny County Airport Authority. The result in many cases is a more customer-friendly facility and improved safety and maintenance features in the buildings, on roadways and the airfield. No local tax dollars were used to fund any of the improvements.

Also, many events and endeavors at Pittsburgh International Airport realized a successful outcome in 2011. Some of the projects and events are highlighted here:

  • Airfares still remain well below the national average: Overall, PIT is 9.16% cheaper than the US national average and 20.72% cheaper than CLE according to the first quarter USDOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
  • The nonstop Pittsburgh to Paris flight increased to seven days a week this summer. It was operated four days a week in September and October and Delta Air Lines announced that the flight will return to four days a week in March.
  • Looking ahead to 2012, the Allegheny County Airport Authority budget anticipates a reduction in airline rates by 3.5 %, making Pittsburgh International Airport more cost effective for airlines to operate here.
  • Facility Improvements:
    • Two family assistance restrooms have been built to improve the airport’s accessibility. The restrooms are centrally located and feature a waiting room with a changing table and a place to sit as well as the bathroom facility area.
    • A Service Animal Relief Area has been added to the Airside Terminal, so those travelers that have service animals will no longer have to travel back to landside to relieve their animals. The area has a room designed much like the restrooms throughout the airport – including the same tile design – and includes a sloping floor and rinsing system activated at the touch of a button. The room also features a fake fire hydrant, both for design and practical purposes.
    • The entrances to baggage claim have been improved with the installation of bollards, which are impact-resistant posts and present a better architectural style than the barriers.
    • Support pillars for Pittsburgh International Airport’s elevated roadways have received a complete paint job. In addition to the pillars, canopies to the parking garage and the exterior of elevated walkways over the Public and Commercial Curbs received a fresh coat of paint as well, enhancing the overall appearance of the building.
    • Pittsburgh International Airport’s parking garage underwent a major rehabilitation project. The Phase One work involved removing the asphalt from the upper level of the garage and installing a bonded concrete overlay. Additionally, the top and second levels of the garage were equipped with a new waterproofing membrane. New storm drains and storm drain piping were added in addition to other structural repairs throughout the facility.
    • Pittsburgh International Airport created a new area for employee parking. Parking for employees moved from the lot beyond the extended parking lot to a lot adjacent to the terminal building. The project is expected save $1.2 million annually in busing costs alone.
    • Roadways around the landside terminal were enhanced and pavement and concrete work was performed on the airfield as part of ongoing maintenance to enhance safe operations.
    • Phase one of the energy savings program has been implemented with the installation of efficient lighting fixtures.
    • At Allegheny County Airport, a new t-hangar for six aircraft rentals was completed along with extensive pavement replacement.
  • Pittsburgh International Airport was an important part of the success of the National Veterans Wheelchair Games: A total of 419 participants for the 2011 National Veterans Wheelchair Games arrived July 31 at Pittsburgh International Airport. And a week later, after the most successful games to date, departed for home. More than 300 volunteers, including 32 Airport Authority employees and 15 Ambassadors, enhanced the passenger experience at the airport.
Dec 15, 2011