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Congestion Solutions

Congestion Solutions

The Allegheny County Airport Authority has released its Pittsburgh CASE (Capacity and Service Enhancement) Program, a white paper examining methods of decreasing air traffic congestion in the Northeast Corridor to benefit the air traveler with realistic, reliable flight schedules.

Aviation system delays are at the crisis stage. Something must be done and using existing facilities such as Pittsburgh International Airport presents a viable solution to the problem. The Pittsburgh CASE proposes a plan to take advantage of the money the Federal Aviation Administration has already invested here to alleviate the daily congestion at airports on the East Coast corridor. No other minimal investment holds the promise of relieving airline delays to the extent of this proposal.

The Pittsburgh CASE Program incorporates many of the concepts of wayports – a high-capacity system providing opportunities to relieve delays at congested urban airports and lower the cost and environmental impact of the aviation system by utilizing existing infrastructure at other airports.

The Wayports concept has been recognized by many aviation experts as the way to improve America’s air travel system by reducing gridlock at key airports. The concept challenges the status quo which airlines and airports are invested in. Wayports would route connecting traffic through less congested airports and limit traffic to origination and destination (O&D) in airports more prone to delays.

The Pittsburgh CASE proposes that a government incentive program would encourage airline participation during a trial period. The $24 million investment in CASE could conceivably save billions of dollars currently being proposed for massive runway and facility expansion programs for airports in New York and Philadelphia. See the full report in PDF format here : View Full Report.


Apr 03, 2011