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Flight Desk Kiosks Now Available at PIT


PITTSBURGH, PA (December 11, 2006)—There’s a new customer service option available for travelers in a hurry to catch a flight out of Pittsburgh International Airport. Flight Desk kiosks save time by allowing passengers traveling without luggage to check in without going to the ticket counter. Several of these kiosks are now conveniently located throughout the Landside terminal.

The Flight Desk kiosk is a system that allows travelers to check themselves in with participating airlines and print their own boarding pass. Airlines participating on Flight Desk at this time are JetBlue and US Airways, although AirTran, Continental and United will be available within a couple of months.

Consolidating the airlines’ check-in systems into one kiosk makes the process more efficient and prevents having a wall of kiosks for different airlines, which can be confusing for inexperienced travelers. More and more airports are using Common-Use Self-Service (CUSS) kiosks, such as Pittsburgh International’s Flight Desk kiosk, as a customer service option.

“The Flight Desk kiosks offer the benefit of convenience and time savings. Passengers want to get to their flight as quickly as possible and these kiosks make that process more efficient,” said Kent G. George, Executive Director, Allegheny County Airport Authority.

To use the kiosk, passengers select their airline from the list of participating carriers using a touch screen menu. Once the airline’s check-in system is visible, passengers can follow the instructions on the touch screen to bring up their reservation and print out their boarding pass. Once they have their boarding pass, passengers can proceed directly to the security checkpoint. Passengers with bags that need to be checked will still need to visit their airline’s ticket counter.

There are eight Flight Desk kiosks currently located throughout the Landside terminal at Pittsburgh International Airport. Two are located on the ticketing level, two are located on the baggage claim level near the rental car counters and there are four kiosks on the transit level before the security checkpoint.

Dec 10, 2006