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PIT Passenger Information for This Weekend


PITTSBURGH (June 11, 2007) – The Wings Over Pittsburgh Air Show will be held this weekend at Pittsburgh International Airport. If you are flying from Pittsburgh International Airport, the Air Show’s Thunderbird performance should not interfere with your departure or arrival time. There is a traffic advisory that you should be aware of if you are driving to the airport for a flight or to drop off/pick up someone.

“Scheduling of air acrobatics has been structured so as to minimize any impact on normal commercial flight operations. The Allegheny County Airport Authority, the airlines, the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower and the 911th Airlift Wing have been working closely for many months to ensure that the show is action-packed with great performances while scheduled airline traffic operates smoothly and safely,” stated Kent G. George, Executive Director, Allegheny County Airport Authority.

With more than 590 flight operations daily, Pittsburgh International Airport is an epicenter of air transportation.

It requires a massive effort and excellent coordination to keep a busy international airport open while the Wings Over Pittsburgh Air Show 2007, hosted by the 911th Airlift Wing Air Force Reserve Base, takes place this weekend.

The Airport Authority will have an impressive display of equipment for fire fighting, snow removal and emergency command and control. The public will get to see all the effort and personnel that helps to keep the airport among the best in the world in terms of safety and on-time flights.

Traffic Advisory: Wing over Pittsburgh Air Show 2007

These are general guidelines for traffic management for the Wings Over Pittsburgh Air Show 2007, designed to keep traffic moving and maintain safety. They will be in effect for periods of time on Friday, June 15, Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17, 2007.

  • Business Route 60 North from the split to University Boulevard will close
    • Friday at 1:00pm and re-open at approximately 2:45pm
    • Saturday at 12:30pm and re-open at approximately 2:45pm
      (Closure times are approximate based of Air Show activity)
    • Sunday at 12:30pm and re-open at approximately 2:45pm
      (Closure times are approximate based on Air Show activity)
    • During closure times the public can follow Airport Route 60 to the Flagherty Run Exit, which will take them to South Business 60.
Jun 10, 2007