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Training Facility

Training classes are held: January-July and August-November. To register, click the appropriate month, print and fill out then submit the registration form. For more information about the class call (412) 472-5758 or email
Sample training photoOur year round training facility offers specialized sessions in cold climate training evolutions. The system is propane fueled and computer controlled. It features a number of burn scenarios including:
  • 12,280 square foot fuel spill burn area
  • Wing engine fire
  • Wheel/brake fire
  • Gallery fire
  • Cockpit fire
  • Passenger Compartment fire
  • Lavatory/Trash Receptacle fire
  • Flashover simulation
Adjacent to the first-training simulator is a four-story tower that houses the Computer Center overlooking the state-of-the-art training grounds. The Computer Control System ensures consistent repeatable evolutions for each trainee and allows training to be conducted with the utmost safety of participants in mind.

Classroom photoThe facility is within the airport boundary and designed to be in an area that minimizes distractions. The classrooms, management center, vehicle bay, trainee/equipment support areas and visitor’s center are located directly adjacent to the training grounds. This layout maximizes training time for students by eliminating the need for unnecessary travel.

In addition to being top of the line, our facility is environmentally friendly. The use of propane and control of water run-off combine to reduce environmental impact while providing quality occupational education for fire fighters, emergency responders and industrial personnel in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Here at ARFF Pittsburgh, we offer a variety of courses and class schedules to prepare students for numerous fire safety situations. Some of the courses we offer include:
  • Annual Training
  • ARFF Training
  • 8 hour recurrent training
  • 16 hour ARFF training
  • 40 hour ARFF training
  • Confined Space Training
  • Hazardous Materials
  • NIMS / ICS
For information on airport tenant training contact Dina Wilson at the ACAA Training Safety and Security Office (412)472-3647 or email