Current wait times/Parking capacity

Security Line < 15 minutes
Short Term Parking 29% Full
Long Term Parking 48% Full
Extended Parking 63% Full

More than 8 million travelers utilize the Pittsburgh International Airport each year. The following are answers to some of the questions travelers frequently ask.

Q: How early should I arrive for my flight? 
A:  We suggest that you show up 90 minutes before a domestic flight and 2 hours before an international flight. Also check the security line here

Q: What items can I bring through the security line? 
A: For a list of prohibited as well as permitted items click here

Q: What are the different types of parking? 
A:  Short Term - Closest parking to building, enter the landside terminal on the transit level, daily as well as hourly rates, most expensive parking
     Long Term - Easy access to moving walkway, daily as well as hourly rates, cheaper than short term parking
     Extended - No hourly rates only daily, around the clock free shuttle service to the landside building. For price as well as more information click here.

Q: Am I able to use curbside check-in?
A: Curbside check-in is a service provided by the airline. Currently, Southwest and Delta offer curbside check-in. 

Q: Can I escort a person with special needs to their flight? 
A: This would require a Gate Pass. Airlines are the only people that are permitted to issue these. Please contact your airline for information. 

Q: What can I do while waiting for my flight? 
A: Feel free to take advantage of our AIRMALL. The AIRMALL features many nationally known stores and offers many amenities. Click here for information on the AIRMALL

Q: Where can I smoke? 
A: Pittsburgh International Airport is a smoke free airport. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the landside or airside terminals. 

Q: Where can I get a taxi? 
A: Ground Transportation is provided on the Landside terminal outside of baggage claim. Click here for transportation information:

Q: How do I acquire a passport??
A: For information on passports and how to apply for a passport, click here.