Current wait times/Parking capacity

Security Line < 15 minutes
Short Term Parking 30% Full
Long Term Parking 50% Full
Extended Parking 63% Full

Parents, below are some activity ideas for your kids travels

1. Small hand held computer games.
(Please keep the sound low)
2. Coloring Books & Activity Books
(You may pick up a FREE airport coloring book at the main Information Desk or click here to print some pages)
3. I Spy
Pick out an object that everyone can see. Then give them a clue by saying, "I spy something ..." (Say its shape, color or size) The other players ask questions about what you see and you only answer with "yes" or "no". The first player who guesses right becomes the new spy.
4. Tic Tac Toe
Click here to print a template.
5. The Happy Face
Like Hang Man, but without the hanging. Click here to print a template.
6. Rhyming Words
Click here to print a template.