Current wait times/Parking capacity

Security Line < 15 minutes
Short Term Parking 57% Full
Long Term Parking 75% Full
Extended Parking 69% Full


Directions to the Cargo Area

Take Business 376 to International Drive. 
Follow signs to Cargo 1, 2 and 3.

For Information on Shipping or Picking up Pets, contact (412) 472-9090


Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) offers an uncongested and reliable option to move freight to and from North America. Located on direct interstate access between Chicago and New York, Pittsburgh International Airport is an ideal location for suppliers, distributors, and logistics operations with the unique ability reach over 120 million people within 500-miles of the airport.  Within a day’s truck drive of Pittsburgh, 45% of the Canadian and U.S. population is accessible serving multiple metropolitan areas from just one airport.  Through the interstate network, flexible operations, and the reduced congestion both on and off the airport, cargo operators have reduced their overall transit time from the departure airport to the final distribution center. PIT cargo operations are designed to save operators both time and money in the supply chain.

PIT for cargo operations offers unique features for operators looking for a more reliable and flexible operation:

  • Low aircraft taxi times
  • Reduced landing fees
  • Flexible cargo operation with no slot or noise restrictions
  • Three parallel runways for simultaneous operations – Longest runway is 11,500 ft (3,502m)
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection staff on-site (U.S. Landing Rights Airport)
  • All-Weather Operating Capabilities with CAT III Approaches
  • Land adjacent to runway for development
  • Existing cargo warehouse space available
  • Located in Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #33
  • Multiple crew hotels and shopping options available nearby

Cargo airlines or related companies wishing to learn more information about Pittsburgh International Airport may contact the Air Service Development Department at 412-472-3503 or by clicking here.

Airport Contact List:

Vice President, Air Service Development /Cargo/Air Cargo Task Force
Bryan Dietz
(412) 472-3503
  (412) 472-5192  
FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone)

(412) 472-3530
(412) 472-0808  

Cargo Handlers / Ground Handling / Fuel Systems Operators:
Aircraft Services Int´l (ASIG) (FTZ jet fuel handler)
(412) 472-5077 x611
Atlantic Aviation
(412) 472-6700
Worldwide Flight Services
(412) 472-9090

Information for Shipping / Picking up Pets:
American Airlines
(800) 227-4622
Air Canada
(800) 722-6232
Delta Airlines
(888) 736-3738
United Airlines
(800) 575-3335
(Southwest, JetBlue, and US Airways do not accept live animals shipped as cargo.)