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PIT Passenger Traffic Report For May 2010


  • Traffic up 1.5 percent; second-consecutive increase
  • AirTran reports 65 percent increase

PITTSBURGH, PA (July 9, 2010) – According to the May 2010 Scheduled Airline Traffic Report prepared by the Allegheny County Airport Authority, nine airlines reported increases in passengers at Pittsburgh International Airport ( in May 2010 compared to May 2009.

A total of 709,212 scheduled passengers were enplaned and deplaned at the airport in May 2010, a 1.5 percent increase compared to May 2009 (709,212 in May 2010/698,422 in May 2009; 1.5 percent increase). It is the second consecutive month passenger traffic has shown a year-over-year increase. Year-to-date totals show traffic down 2.7 percent in 2010 compared to 2009 (3,095,610; 3,181,003; 2.7 percent).

AirTran led the group of nine airlines that posted increases with a whopping a 63.5 percent increase this past May (71,268/43,582; 63.5 percent), which resulted in more than 27,000 more passengers for the airline. Other airlines that reported increases in passenger traffic include Delta (123,106/118,607; 3.8 percent – 2009 figure includes Northwest passengers); United (71,856/64,509; 11.4 percent); Continental (46,910/46,885; 0.1 percent); American (42,643/41,835; 1.9 percent); JetBlue (21,930/18,548; 18.2 percent); Midwest (6,859/6,023; 13.9 percent); Air Canada (3,534/2,959; 19.4 percent) and Myrtle Beach Direct Air (2,842/2,298; 23.7 percent).

“The Spring travel season was definitely positive,” said Bradley D. Penrod, Executive Director/CEO, Allegheny County Airport Authority. “By looking at airline schedule projections, carriers are increasing capacity for a busier summer through August. Therefore, we are hoping to see a continued demand for air travel.”


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